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8. Law and Jurisdiction

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These conditions shall be governed by the provisions of the following legislative rules:
a) Act 34/2002, of July 11, Services Information Society and Electronic Commerce.
b) Law 15/1999 of December 13, Protection of Personal Data.
c) 1.720/2.007 Royal Decree of 21 December, which approves the Regulation of security measures for automated files containing personal data.

Should there be any discrepancy or divergence in the interpretation of the following TERMS OF USE, and in the provision of services that are carried out in this WEBSITE, the parties expressly submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of Ontinyent (Valencia), for their solution.

In compliance of LSSICE

In compliance with the provisions of Law 34/2.002 of July 11, Services Information Society and Electronic Commerce (LSSICE), reports on the following laws:

Company identification

Responsible of the website: Arman's Travel, C.B.
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No. 50
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(Valencia), Spain
: +34 902800205


General Conditions:

1. Agreement

The act of acquiring the turistic service  which is reflected in the back of this paper originates the acceptance by consumers of all and each of these General Conditions.

2. Booking, Deposit and Full payment

The Agency may require a deposit on account of the total price of the trip or tourist service at the time of booking, not considered  as a firm place or service until this deposit is done. After that the Agency will confirm the reservations with suppliers for all travel services requested. Once confirmed, and before the "due date" that the agent has been fixed and that is reflected in the front of this document, the customer must pay the total purchased service, considered, otherwise the place as canceled, applicated  in such a case, the conditions stated in the "cancellations / withdrawals" of these conditions. Some services must be paid 100% at time of booking. The agent will inform to the customer about this.

If the booking is effected after the payment deadline set by provider the  service acquired, the customer must pay at the time of booking 100% of the price of the service. In these cases, the service reservation occurs in the same time with the service  acquisition. Whether booking does not necessarily imply that the passenger seat has confirmed. Once the reservation is made, even if the customer has paid the total price of the trip, you should wait for the service provider to confirm Arman's Travel, CB, the availability of the place.

3. Reservations by Phone

For ticket sales and other services by phone (Telesales), ticket booking and the communication the client's personal data to the agency and the data of your credit card implies acceptance by the customer of charge occurs on your credit card as payment for the requested service, the customer agreeing do not reject the charge card after the reservation is made.

4. Modification of the price for the service

The price of the service reserved or purchased, including indirect taxes on consumption has been calculated based on currency rates and changes in force on the date of publication of the respective programs or brochures. This price may be revised in the event that any variations in the cost of transport, in taxes and fees and / or changes in currency rates. These changes will be automatically charged to the consumer.

5. Documentation

The Agency has advised the user to the documentation required for the realization of the planned trip, and recommended to the passenger to contact the consulate of the country of destination safely. All users should ensure without exception before the trip in order to have their personal and family documents in question, under their own responsibility, without limitation, the customer should be in order, among them:

. The identity card or passport (some countries require, to permit entry therein, that the travelers passport has a minimum validity period of nine months from the date of entry into that country, regardless of whether or not entry visa);

. The visa to enter those countries where it is legally required, in the case of being denied the visa for the user's particular circumstances, lacking the requirements or due to absence or defect in the required documents, the Agency declines responsibility, on behalf of the consumer being any consequence or expense arising, apply in these circumstances the conditions and standards established for cases of cancellation or voluntary dismissal of tourist services, in the event that the user does not request a visa before starting the journey, he will be solely responsible for the conditions of such breach;

. Permission Certificates

. All children under 18 years shall carry a written permission signed by parents or guardians in anticipation that it may be requested by any competent authority, the lack of such a permit allow the Authority to prohibit the shipment of the child, so that he loses your trip, assumes no liability Agency.

Will be paid by users to obtain all of these documents and the user will be solely responsable any consequences that occurs due to the lack of them.

6. Insurance

The User recognize that has received from the Agency all the advisability of the optional conclusion of an insurance cover for cancellation fees and insurance assistance to cover the cost of repatriation in case of accident, illness or death, it is the responsibility of user's decision to subscribe or not such insurance and the consequences that the decision entails. The user declares to be fully informed of the hedges covered by insurance taken out, giving up claim any amount relating to insurance.

7. Luggage

For road transport, the user carries your luggage and personal belongings for their own risk, without which the Agency is required to respond to the loss, theft or damage to baggage may suffer for any reason during the trip.

In the case of air, sea or river luggage, apply the conditions of the transportation companies, the passage ticket being the only binding agreement between those companies and the passenger in the event of the luggage suffer a  damage or loss, it is recommended in this cases to make a claim to the corresponding company.

8. Modification of the booking by customer

All date changes are considered as reservation changes and therefore be subject to the penalties and corresponding rate changes. Customer agrees that some tickets and / or services do not permit changes or cancellations, and understands that is not necessary to make a request for a refund for the amount paid in these cases.

9. Alterations by the Agency

The agency is committed to providing its customers the services shown on the back of this document. This responsibility shall cease when the defects observed in the provision of services attributable to the consumer, the dealer or a third party outside the agency, or are due to force majeure or an event that the Agency, despite having put all due care, could not foresee.

For package holidays, the customer waives any claim amount to the intermediary agency because of any problem the customer has suffered in connection with travel arrangements, accepting that such claims should be directed directly against the agency organizing the trip, and not against the intermediary in the sale.

If, for any reason that is not attributable to the consumer and has its justification in sufficient causes or force majeure, the Agency:

. Sees  the necessity  to modify any of the characteristics of the service purchased, the consumer may choose either to be reimbursed the total amount paid, or to accept the changes and their impact on the price;

. Cancels the service purchased, the consumer is entitled either to another service equivalent or higher, or to refund the total amount paid.

The client shall communicate its decision to the Agency within three days of such cancellation or change would have been notified, and may not seek compensation for breach by the Agency when such amendment accepted in the preceding paragraphs or when the cancellation trip occurs due to force majeure.

10. Cancellations by Customer

At any time the user can cancel the services requested or contracted, having the right to the refund of the amounts that would have paid, whether it is the total price or as a deposit, but please note, that such cancellation may involve a cancellation fee. Upon booking, you can be informed about the cancellation policy.These cancellation fees vary according to the destination, the supplier, the booked rate and dates prior to cancellation and some cases can arrive up to 100% of the total booking amount. We recommend that you read the cancellation policy carefully prior to making your reservation.

11. Responsibility

The Agency will respond to the consumer only the proper provision of the services shown on the back of this document the implementation of which corresponds according Combined Travel Act or applicable law. The agency intermediary in the sale is not responsible for any problems related to the organization of the package.

In case of booking by a customer of a rental car, agency is not responsible if the customer can not pick-up the vehicle on the date hired by flight delays or any other cause not attributable to the Agency. The customer acknowledges having been informed of the limit time to pick-up your vehicle.

In cases where the customer has any problems with his plane ticket should contact the "service points" related to the cover of your ticket, in the event that such centers will not solve the problem, you must contact by phone +34 902800205, if the customer decides to opt for any solution before contacting by this phone, the Agency no assumes any responsibility. Customer agrees that the airline is unic responsible for any changes and/or incident occurring in relation to flights.

In cases where the customer is going to arrive to the hotel / hostel after the appointed time with them, must advise about the delay to the hotel / hostel in question, because otherwise your reservation can be lost, the Agency is not responsible for the consequences.

In case of any default in the performance of services, the consumer is obliged to inform to the concerned service provider and the Agency, for information, in a reliable way and as soon as possible, preferably in the same place that failure occurs and, in any event, within five days after the end of the trip, since outside of this period would be almost impossible to check the veracity of the allegations, as well as achieving a satisfactory solution for all stakeholders.

In the event that the consumer will consider arbitrary solutions by the Agency have not been satisfactory, may lodge a complaint to the said Agency within one month from the date of return from the trip, which is credited to have put revealed the alleged breach within five days of its occurrence. The period of limitation of actions shall be as provided in Article 13 of Law 21/95.

As the limit of compensation for injuries resulting from failure or improper performance of the services included in the back of this document is subject to the provisions of the international treaties on the matter and the Package Travel Act. As matter of damage other than personal injury, compensation may never exceed the total price of the trip initially hired.

In any case the Agency is not responsible for the cost of accommodation, meals, transport and others that arise as a result of delays in departures or returns transportation, whatever the cause of the delay.

When the journeys is made by bus owned or leased by the Agency, in an accident, regardless of the country where it occurs, the consumer is expressly subject to the legislation on road accidents in the nation in which they find registration of the vehicle, to be eligible, as a personal injury refers to insurance of the same according to the box corresponding indemnities for this purpose, and under which such compensation would be paid to stakeholders, beneficiaries or their legal representatives the country of registration of the vehicle and in the legal tender of the same.

In air travel, the presentation will take place at the airport with a minimum of 90 minutes before the official flight time, and in any case, strictly follow the specific recommendations of informative documentation indicating on the ticket. It is mandatory that the client reconfirme with seventy-two hours before the departure times of flights. In the event of a breach of these rules by the consumer, the Agency will not be responsible for the consequences of any such breach.

12. Jurisdiction

The contracting parties, waiving their own jurisdiction, submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of Valencia to resolve their differences.

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